Dianacrawls’ K7 release party with Whoresun & Karloff at Cole59


|||||| dianacrawls
|||| Montreal funk-violence revival
|| « sporadic defenestration » k7 launch

|||||| Whoresun
|||| Montreal’s best dirty noise rock
|| heavy local support

|||||| Karloff
|||| Toronto corossive screamy hardcore
|| First time in montreal, let’s welcome them « comme il se doit! »


La DIY Venue Le Poulailler situé en Abitibi, à Rivière-Héva, à présenté la 4e édition du Rot Fest le 13 et 14 juillet dernier.

Au menu, de la bouffe fait sur place par Le Four Nomade (props à Samuel pour ses bonnes pizzas et sa gentillesse!) des organisateurs vraiment passionné.e.s (Productions V-M Bleach GBS Records Rot Fest Les Productions Poulailler) et tous les bands présents le vendredi* soir :

Les Sprates – punk – Bandcamp
Worst Days – screamo/hardcore/powerviolence – Bandcamp
Cleophüzz – experimental psychedelic stoner rock/heavy blues/spiritual rock Bandcamp here
Deathsticks – power slop –  Bandcamp 
Marée Noire – screamo/post-harcore – Bandcamp
Dianacrawls – funkviolence/experimental/punk/skramz/gind/jazz/math – Bandcamp
Dropout – rock n roll punk – Bandcamp



*Due à une situation reliée à une perte de clé, les bands du vendredi seulement ont été photographié.

The Ultimate Screamo Fest in Warsaw

On May 13th occured this event in Warsaw at Chmury, a room full of talented artists and screamo fans ❤ Click on those links and hit the  »LIKE » button to follow what they have to offer!

Lessener (US) – https://lessenerma.bandcamp.com

The Ultimate Screamo Band (CAN) – https://theultimatescreamoband.bandcamp.com

we watch clouds (PL) – https://wewatchclouds.bandcamp.com

No Values (PL) – https://novaluespl.bandcamp.com

Marjory Stewart-Baxter (PL) – marjorystewartbaxter.bandcamp.com

(We built the World and) Miss the Stars Festival

On May 11th and 12th was the fifth edition of the annual Miss the Stars Fest.  It’s a screamo/emo/hardcore-punk festival happening in Berlin, Germany. I’m so glad I had the chance to photography this inclusive fest where no sexism, homophobia, ableism, rascism & facism are allowed. It always feels good to have a safe space to listen to some music, meet the distros, eat vegan food and have a contact with artists present at the festival.

I couldn’t get all the bands playing at the festival, but here a few bands I had the chance to capture. Follow the links and listen to some very talented artists who participated in making this a better world and give them some love ❤

To Languish (Femmeviolence/screamo from Sweden) : FBIG

ØJNE (Screamo from Italy) : FB – IG

Svffer (Emoviolence/Grind/Hardcore from Germany) : FB –  IG

Shizune (Screamo from Italy) : FB IG

Birds in row (Post-Hardcore from France) : FBIG